My Journey to the Middle East (Dubai)


        I now know why I can’t stand little kids on long flights. Ok well, bad little kids. On my second leg flight from London to Dubai, I sat behind this Arabian couple. 7 and a half hours of torcher, I swear. First I’ll start with the stinch coming from the husband, I understand that due to their culture belief they might not use deodorant. But please whip under your arms sir, you got my nose hair on fire. I mean every time he reaches to pick up his bad ass kids who are running up and down the aisle fucking with everything thing they can get they hands on, my eyes water from his funk. His wife is not having any luck controlling their kids either, because every time she picks up her youngest son, who by the way is two years old. He hits her with a mean 2 to 3 combination while screaming at the top of his lungs. Fml….I can’t take this shit. Trying to keep my cool because this is uncomfortably annoying. As soon as the plane landed and started de boarding I felt a relief, like the smell of fresh air, literally. No more stank and screaming kids.
        Now that I’ve gotten past the rotten part of my trip. Here comes the hard part, I personally didn’t rent a car because I was told I needed a 1000 dollar deposit so I was like hell no. I’ll just cab it around Dubai. Here the crazy part, because these were the first people I spoke to, I didn’t realize that it was a 1000 dollar AED (emirati dirham) with is about 272 American dollars. So fml, once I got to my hotel and my cab driver told me, ” that will be 75 dollars”. I was like damn this is an expensive cab ride, but fuck it, I’m in Dubai. I pulled out my money, he was like no sir 75 Dirham, which is about 20 US dollars. I’m happy as hell now. But I’m tired to, because I can’t sleep on flights. Well it’s hard for me to, plus it’s 2 am Dubai time which is 4pm in Houston Tx where I’m from. Also I need my rest so I can map out my plan to take on Dubai in the morning. 

       What a beautiful morning, the sun raising over the water. It’s so nice, time for breakfast and to get moving. Well breakfast was a bummer, but don’t take my word for it. I am a very picky eater, none of the food I ate while in Dubai satisfied me. But you will have to try it yourself because once again I’m very picky. My first stop for the day is to visit Mall of Emirates to check out the indoor skiing. Who would thought that there would be a full ski slope and penguins and everything inside of a mall. And it cold as hell, real snow and all. It was fun and but I don’t recommend the big slope if you’re a beginner like me. All I could think about was not busting my ass and how cold it is. Other than skiing this mall has a full size grocery store, similar to a Walmart here in the states. You can go shopping for designer clothes which by the way, Mall of Emirates stores had a lot of good sale for all you shopper, or grocery shop and pick up a tv like it’s Walmart. That tripped me all the way out. This mall is huge, so I wouldn’t advise getting caught up in seeing the whole mall because, before you know it, you would have spent hours inside and no accomplish anything else. 

      My next stop is to The Dubai Mall, another one of Dubai massive malls. For all my Houston folks who love the Galleria, this mall is shitting on the Gallo. It has a one of the biggest indoor aquarium inside where you can swim with the sharks and all other fish. Yes I did say sharks. They have several sharks in this tank and people are swimming in there like they are not in the presence of sharks.​

       By now, I’m sure you guys figured out that I didn’t partake in the swimming with sharks by my photo. Yeah, wasn’t happening! But I did visit the Burj Kalifa, witch is the tallest building in the world.

Burj Kalifa stands at 828 meters. I really advise while in Dubai, you take the tour up. It was very informative and on the way up they give a great presentation of all the worlds tallest building and why Burj Kalifa was built. It is amazing how they dim the light and project the images inside of the elevator on your way up. Ears popping and all. There is two observations decks, one on 124th floor and the other on 148th floor. I went with the 148th, and purchased the v.i.p. package. Trust me it’s worth it. The lines were very long, and with the v.i.p. package you move right on through. Plus they have a special lounge with food and drink for you while you wait to go up. It just made everything smooth and cut out a lot of time versus standing in long lines to go up and come down. You’ll thank me later.

       Now the following day I chose to do a desert safari. There are several companies you can choose from but I went with ‘Red Dunes Tourism L.L.C’. This company was very good, my driver especially. You can choose a private ride or share ride. Private is just you or whoever your with alone the whole trip. Or share ride is multiple people riding together. It’s a good why to meet different people. My driver Ali was the best, the ride to the desert is about a hour and a half so we talk and I learn a lot about the Arabian culture and their beliefs. One thing that stuck out to me was the fact that you could be sent to jail for (PDA) public display of affection! Their belief is that any affection should be done in the privacy of you own home. It is also a sign of disrespect to look a married women in the eyes. I’m telling you, Ali was the best. 

       Dune bashing is an accelerating experience. The highs and lows of not knowing if you are gonna roll over or fall several feet down the side of a sand dune.ali was a pro at working the wheel. (Controlling the vehicle while performing stunts) Dune bashing is to me is one of the most exciting, while giving u the rush you looking for without jumping out of a plane. Try it, you’ll thank me later. After all of the excitement and the sun goes down. I was taken to a camp location in another part of the desert. The setup was nice and relaxed. Their was lots of different activities to partake in. Such as camel riding, ( I know what you’re thinking)….yea I did ride a camel. To me it was like riding a super tall horse with a hump in its back. The getting up and sitting down part was like riding a mechanical bull. You have to hold on, or you won’t be on the camel for long. There was a fire show and belly dancing show put on for us guest. It was very interesting. Seeing someone playing with fire and not getting burned. Honestly I can say all in all Dubai doesn’t owe me anything, I have such a great time. I can’t wait to go back. Until my next trip/adventure, thank you guys for tuning in. 

Fire Show

Belly dancers with swords


Bogota Columbia: Cocaine Capital pt. 2

“I almost died, unless you almost died in an earthquake you can’t tell me nothing. Lol! “      

       As you could probably imagine, after what I just experienced….I need a drink, or two, maybe several. Where is my boy Charles? I’m ready to hit these streets and calm my nerves. I’m fresh out of the shower clean, looking like new money. Brand new ice white polo shirt, fresh pair of grey 501 jeans with my 2015 Allstar edition airforce ones on, I’m ready! Yep I put my forces back on even after my driver told me they draw to much attention. But I’m clean so fuck it. 

      Next few minutes are restless until my boy finally shows up, dressed and ready to go. I mean he was more ready then I was. It seem like his check in was the fastest I’ve seen, or we both could have been overly anxious and ready to tear these Columbian streets up. First stop is dominos pizza to grab a bite to eat. I know what you’re thinking, (why eat dominos in a foreign country instead of trying their food). Simple…. I’m picky and was sick to the stomach the last time I tried food I wasn’t use to eating, so I’ll stick to what I know. This has got to be the best pizza I have tried, it was good and moist not dry like dominos in Houston. Anyway, the vibe here is different. It seems like on every corner there a mini party going on. One corner, a shopping basket turned into a barbecue pit, with a large hog or something on it cooking. This is downtown across the street from Bancolombia. It like the people here get off work and party on the corners. Police officers are policing the downtown streets with AR’s clutched tightly in their hands as they maneuver through these crowded streets of people just off work, dancing and drinking to relax. They are really having a good time out here. 

       So the next spot we decide to hit up, is the Red Light District. I’ve only heard of spots like this but I’m here seeing this with my own eyes. So many people walking up and downtown the streets looking spaced out. This feels so weird, it’s like the club we’re going to and our driver just clear a path straight from the parking lot to the club. All eyes on us, everyone trying to get our attention, ‘come in my friends, we take good care of you’. It seemed like every club we walked pass said this. Now I see why we have a security detail from the van to the club. They don’t want any other club to steal their business. As we entered the club, the first thing out of the bouncer/security guard mouth is ‘nice shoes, no worries, you guys are safe here’. If I wasn’t worried then I am now. Walking to our section, surrounded by some beautiful women touching on our sleeves, smiling, and speaking. I can’t understand anything they are saying, but I figured by the escort through the club past the common folk, next to the old Columbian dudes, who look like the Mob or something. They must have thought we were important. 

     Our waitress, approaches our table and asked what could she get us. It heard to hear her because of the loud music and her broken english, but I take it she must have been the most fluent in the whole place. I didn’t understand everything she was saying but I understood coca, as she pointed towards the old ass mobsters table, where they had a mound of coke on a platter in the middle of their table. Look like the scene in Scarface when he sitting at his desk with a pill of coke on it. While all this is running through my head I politely declined her offer, no coke here ma. So I order a round of beers for 5 bucks each, not knowing the beers are only 2 bucks. So it looks like I’m really tipping the waitress but I’m really just paying the prices that beers cost in the states. A 40 dollar bottle of ciroc with is only 25 here but not knowing the price difference. I am really shinning right now looks like I’m balling to them. Evident by all of the girls the waitress is bringing to our section. The waitress talks to our driver so he can translate to us. He tells us she said thanks for being such a good tipper and anything I want she will take care of me. I’m like wait….what you mean big tipper. He to me you tipped her 3 bucks for every beer you bought every time, and you gave her a 15 dollar tip for the bottle. I be damn! I done spent 120 but only about 50 on drinks and tip the rest to the waitress. This some bull, that why the whole club, dancer and waitress our in our section. My boy spent the same amount if not more. So it really looks like we’re big spenders. Now they offering sex and coke, coke and sex. Almost every female in this place. The strippers here was working hard for the dollar, not like Houston strip clubs. The strippers in Houston feel like the should be tipped for saying hi. Gtfoh. These strippers danced hard as hell even the ones with no rhythm. They all had basketballs for breast, I’ve never seen so many fake tits. What was puzzling to me is I spent less on dances then I did liquor and had dances that people spends grands for in Houston. Even the old mob dude tip his glass at us. I guess we are official now. Columbia really loved us!

Never Ever Forget 911 they Day the Broke Our Nation but Made Us Stronger! America! 

    I still remember this day like it was yesterday. Sept 11, 2001, My sophomore year at Sam Houston State. I was young, immature, and naive, still transitioning from being your everyday street and hood kid. To an smart crime free college student. 

    My day started off: wake up, roll up while watching the news tripping on all the crazy shit people do. After breakfast I started getting ready for class, (yes I eat my breakfast before I brush my teeth, taste better you should try it). Anyway right as I’m about to walk/ run out the door because I’m about to be late for my 9 o’clock, notice the emergency broadcast. The first plane was in the tower already I was like damn, that’s crazy. Then the next plane flies right into tower 2. I was stuck, thinking to myself I might be high/ I was high. But what was happening was really happening. I wanna watched the rest of the news but I have to get to class, and my professor locks the door if your not in the class before 5 after. When I finally make it to campus from my apartment, I know it looked like a ghost town. Walking in my class to find out that it’s dismissed because of 911. I was like wow this has to be serious. The things that happen during 911 and after gave me a better perspective on life. It taught me that there is more to life than the neighborhood you come from. It also showed that people could put aside their racism, political, and cultural differences to become one and heal and bandage this great nation in our time of hurt. 

     So on this day September 11, 2016, 15 years later, I would like everyone to take a moment of silence in remembrance of our friend and love ones lost in the Twin Towers………AMEN! We love and miss you guys! To our military and first responders, we SALUTE YOU, and THANK YOU for protecting us and keeping us safe. To fellow Americans a round of applause to you as well, because in our time of need you always step up, that’s what makes America Great! You, Me, Us, the people: We Are America! That American Flag is an umbrella, to some meaning different things. Some Good, Some Bad, everything here isn’t always perfect, but it our home and you Better Not FUCK With Us! 911 we will never forget, never ever forget, The day our nation was broke down but came back strong! AMERICA, the land of the FREE and the HOME of the Brave!

Bogota Colombia Cocaine Capital pt 1

As I exited my flight filled with the excitement of being in a new place, Bogota Columbia. I quickly realized this isn’t America anymore. No one, I mean absolutely no one spoke English. For my first hour in Columbia I dodge milatary police carrying AR 15 accompanied by COKE dogs, trying to get help. The American black guy wasn’t the norm here I could see by the answers and questions in Spanish that where being asked of me, everytime I asked “do you speak English”. Finally some slick, fast talking Columbian cab driver shows up, (he would eventually be my driver the entire time in Bogota Columbia). Anyway on the ride to the hotel he quickly informs me that if I didn’t  want to be stabbed or robbed, that I should probably change my shoes and not pulled out all my money and one time while  paying for my things. He claims that my all white 2015 All Star edition Airforce ones with the way I was dress implied that I had lots of money, (which by the way was far from the truth until I found out my money US Dollar is worth twice the Columbian dollar). It’s time to ball out, lol! Before I made it to my hotel room, the next statement out of my drivers mouth, I swear seem like a scene from a movie. ( My friend welcome to Columbia, the cocaine capital of the world)! ( You want coke I can get it to you, you want girls, we have to most beautiful women in the world here. Any thing you want let me know).

All I could think about was the part in cocaine Cowboys where they did drive by on the motorcycles when I looked out the window and saw all these lil motorcycles with people on the back. The next moment is when I saw my life flash in front of my eyes quick! Mind you that the people of Bogota Columbia drive bad as fuck, even worst then the taxi cab drivers in Miami. (No offense Miami, but y’all know I’m telling the truth. Miami taxis are probably the worst in Northern America). In  my mind all I’m seeing and hearing is these lil motorcycles, with the thought of drive by’s because that’s what I remember from the movies and documentaries I’ve seen. While I’m thinking about all of this, this lil old man pounds on my window, at the same time the light must of change because my driver smashed the gas. I ducked in my seat so hard, scared as shit thinking that could of been my face shot off, heart racing and everything. I peek out the window to see what happen and this lil old man is holding up a bag of oranges and his hands like what the fuck!

I finally make it to my hotel where I’m checked in by two of the baddest females I’ve ever seen in real life. Look like they walk out of a magazine. No Lie! And guess what they spoke English. Yay for me. They were cool and gave me a lot of insight on where to and not to go. Now me being who I am. I wanted to go see the hood against their and my drivers better judgement I was persistent in going but I wanted to wait until my boy Charles arrived. So I’ll just take a shower and get ready, because I know he down for whatever. This was like the best shower I’ve taken after a long flight. You always get those great showers at nice hotels, you know the ones with the shower head on top and in front. Awesomeness! In the middle of my soapy and sud fill shower, I slipped several times and was stuck on the shower floor, not by my doing. Naked and afraid, sitting on this wet shower floor: one because I don’t know what the hell just happened, felt like the building was about to fall apart. Now that its calm and steady, I’m like: let me get my ass out this shower and see what’s going on. Boom phone rings, who else but my new lil Columbian front desk friends are on the line. (Mr Thompson are you ok and everything is ok. It was just a small quake) what do you mean quake, I know damn well you not talking about an earthquake”. She laugh yes, haven’t you experience an earthquake before, you’re from the states right. Yes I am, but I’m from Texas! You wouldn’t understand. And clearly she didn’t. Now I’m ready to leave this place. I can’t believe this shit, no one I know is gonna believe this shit. I almost died in an earthquake! Wait…well at the time that how I felt. Fuck that!  I almost died, unless you almost died in an earthquake you can’t tell me nothing. Lol!  The W Bogota

Everybody evacuated the hotel during earthquake but me…. 

My Adventures in Australia 

All in All, my time in Sydney has been wonderful. It started off kind of rocky. When I got here I was detained and search over and over and questioned about my reasons for visiting Australia. The first day, was a waste. I was lost all day, my cellphone service was not working, so I could use my gps. So I finally made it to my hotel that evening. The Sir Stamford hotel and Resort. It’s really a nice 5 star hotel, the service has been excellent so far. Everyone here has been so helpful. The staff is great. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who visits Sydney Australia. It’s in walking distance to Darling Harbor. Great shopping, and dining. Day 2 was awesome, I went and visited the Sydney Opera House, toured the Harbor. I’m really enjoying my trip, it’s so much to do here.